The International “Arts-Design-Entrepreneurship” Campus, being created on the Château de Fontainebleau estate, will be the first interdisciplinary and intercultural creative ecosystem, for learning, experimenting, innovating and performing together. The project focuses on internationalization, partnerships, transdisciplinarity, which are at the heart of developments in the academic and economic worlds of the creative and cultural sector.

Being a Center of teaching and active learning, of co-creation and innovation dedicated to the artistic, creative and cultural sectors, the International Arts Campus will host and interconnect under one roof :
  • Branches of prestigious schools from different parts of the world, in Arts, Design, Technology and Cultural Entrepreneurship.
  • Excellence Academies organized and carried out by renowned personalities.
  • Enterprises in the Creative and Cultural Industries sector.
  • Artists and startups who will be accompanied within an incubator, to facilitate their project developments and accelerate their career.

In the heart of this prestigious heritage estate, symbol of French culture, the Campus will form an international space for collaborations and cross-fertilization between 3,000 students from different cultures and backgrounds, and professionals.

It will encourage interculturality in creation and promote the development of synergies and transdisciplinary skills.

It will also be an event venue promoting the arts and creators, a space where creativity is expressd and disseminated.


The International Arts Campus will settle in Les Héronnières, an integral part of the Château de Fontainebleau estate, but only after undergoing extensive renovations and improvements, this in order to restore the historic district to its full splendor and its rightful place in the heart of the national domain, the city and the territory.

The International Arts Campus was chosen by the Ministry of Culture and the Public Establishment of the Château de Fontainebleau after a procedure, initiated in 2016. It actually aimed at the conversion of the monumental heritage of the Héronnières and its close environment. The Campus will contribute to the urban, economic and socio-cultural regeneration of this historic district.

Extensive work will be undertaken by the SAS International Arts Campus to renovate the 12,000 m2 of the heritage complex. Other infrastructure will be built on the land called “Clos des Ébats”. The site of nearly 7 hectares will be a fertile place for study, work and collaboration but also of collective life in its own right. This place will consist of educational, professional, artistic and cultural premises, as well as of residence for students, an Arts Park, coffee works, bars, restaurants and many emblematic public spaces. It will guarantee a quality of life, of encounters, of serendipity and of creative synergies.




The International Arts Campus is located in the Héronnières district, one of the main annexes of the Fontainebleau Castle, classified as historical monuments.

The Campus is scheduled to open in 2024.

The project was initiated by the founders of the SAS International Arts Campus, from the worlds of business, education, arts and culture. It was built with institutions of higher education, businesses in the creative and cultural sectors as well as several personalities with significant experience in these relevant fields. SAS International Arts Campus will operate the Campus. It is the agent of the group which was set up to implement the programs (activities, renovations, improvements).

You are a school, a company, an artist, an independent creative? Or an association, an institution, an actor of the cultural world? Would you like to take part in the International Arts Campus project? Please contact the Campus team:


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